Vagrant-libvirt fails to create VMs on Fedora 31

I belong to the minority group of people who: Use vagrant with vagrant-libvirt Setup VMs with disks additional to the OS disk Use Fedora and install Vagrant from Fedora repo And ever since I upgraded to Fedora 31, I have been getting the following error on vagrant up. undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) The error is caused due to a number of changes that were introduced in the vagrant-libvirt version  0.0.45: The default connection to libvirt was changed from system to session. This is the user session mode which is probably useful for many web/apps developers because it makes using vagrant without root permissions possible. However, user session has some downsides, for example, it is not capable of creating virtual networks. It is also not possible to migrate old VMs from system session to user session if case you have been using Vagrant before the upgrade. The location of the disk files changes to ~/.local/share/libvirt from /var/li