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Gluster Developer Guide - Part 1

Hello, this is first in series of blog posts that I will be doing as introduction to Gluster from developer perspective. Some terminologies from Gluster world: Node: - A server in Gluster distributed system. Storage Pool: - A trusted set of Nodes you combine and gather all storage space from. We use gluster peer  commands for performing addition/deletion of nodes to/from pool. The first gluster peer probe from one node with another nodes' IP performs an handshake between them and creates a pool of two nodes. Subsequent additions to the pool can be done by performing peer probe commands from one of the nodes in the trusted storage pool with IP of the node to be added. Brick: A brick is a filesystem partition on one of the nodes of the trusted storage pool. Some of the Gluster features may require special properties of brick, for example, snapshots require them to be a lvm logical volume from thin pool. Volume: A volume is the entity in Gluster terminology which is a c