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Review of Kannada movie U Turn: Is there an alternate story underneath the supernatural one?

*******************Spoiler Alert******************* Please watch the movie before reading ahead. After the tremendous success of Lucia, Pawan Kumar is back with a thriller this time. I reached the theater just in time to catch the opening credits of the movie. This was all the more important for this movie because "Nee maayevalago"[1] the prologue to Lucia was a big clue to its story. Ready to witness something similar I was enchanted to hear the chants of "Karma". Now this is what changed my perspective on this movie as compared to that of my friends and other reviewers I see online. I interpret Karma as the principle of causality: like deeds lead to like results sooner or later; with no supernatural elements, God or Ghost. Here is an interpretation of the movie with "no supernatural" lens on. Rachana, the protagonist of the movie is shown as a nonconformist. She has left the safe heavens of a software job and is an intern at Indian