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Just be

Young and impressionable age are the teens Built on dreams and fantasies Fed on books, movies and TV The world seems bright and spirit free Growing up old, you come to see A world that's grey and not so clean Life so bleak and a harsh reality Destiny a shackle for the feet Mind tries to fight and desires to free Wielding its powers to rewrite history Is there any truth to whatever I see Or is it all an illusion of some chemical sea What if there is no meaning for me Bunch of molecules, I am, glued in one piece All for their own good and none for me Nihilist is right and purpose is a cheat Then again a thought crosses my mind Yes, I do strive to make tomorrow better than it is A tiny little part of the universe, me Maybe, it is not so bad to just be #blog — Raghavendra Talur (@raghavendra_t) July 23, 2017 Source: @raghavendra_t July 23, 2017 at 06:50PM